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July 2017: no meeting because it's Summer Vacation Time!

The June 2017 meeting initiates our next fiscal year and is focused on planning the year's service projects and programs.  We met at our new monthly meeting place, Panera Bread in downtown Batavia.  We generated many ideas and reviewed the calendar for the upcoming year.  We will be busy!

Our May 2017 meeting is the finale of the year and includes the announcement of our scholarship recipients at Waubonsee Community College and the Installation of the Club and Foundation officers for June 2017-May 2018. 

Our Foundation Treasurer presented the list of proposed grants for 2017.  These were approved by the membership.

We welcomed new Altrusa member Vanessa Quillinan to our club.  Vanessa was sponsored by Lorrie Kozlowski and she is a very welcome addition to our group.  

The officers for the Club who were installed were Angela Cliff, President; Linda Thome, Vice President; Pat Frieders, Secretary; Sam Wolf, Treasurer; Cathy Rady, Past President; Stephanie Thome, Judy Reuter and Jan Roman, Directors.  

The Foundation officers who were installed were Sandee Jensen, President; Sharee Clough, Vice President/Secretary;  Elaine Wolf, Treasurer; Doris Czarobski, Cathy Rady and Judi Urban, Directors.  

Our April 2017 meeting featured news from District Six Conference.  Our club was honored to receive the 2nd place Nina Fay Calhoun International Relations award (Goats for Women at Risk in Uganda) and the 3rd place Letha H. Brown Literacy Award (LVFV Recognition Event).  These awards, plus the Conversation Café story board (January's Declutter for a Cause service night) were on display at the meeting.

The Altrusan of the Year was awarded to Vice President Heather Falls, who received the traveling plaque and certificate.

The Annual Auction held on April 22nd at Mill Creek Golf Club was a rousing success.   Our thanks go to the committee, to Chair Heather Falls and Co-chair Sam Wolf, who also served as the Auctioneer.  Members and their guests enjoyed brunch and lively bidding for donated items.  Thanks to all who participated!  This is one of our major fundraisers and it supports annual donations to area charities that are devoted to literacy and to women's and children's issues.

Our March 2016 meeting hosted a presentation by Deb Boedeker, one of our two 2015/2016 WCC scholarship recipients.  Deb spoke openly about the disease of alcoholism, her own recovery, and her work to help others who are ready to overcome this.  Deb continues to pursue her education toward a degree in social work.

The Business portion of the meeting focused on our preparations for the upcoming Annual Auction on April 22nd at Mill Creek Golf Club.  

The Literacy Volunteers of Fox Valley Trivia Bee which took place Saturday, March 25th.  The theme of the Bee was "The Birds and the Bees".  We hosted three teams of trivia contenders.  Other members were judges at the team tables and, notably, one of the emcees, dressed as a Bluebird.  Our club's "Bees In Our Bonnets" team received the Team Spirit Award and rightly so, considering their gorgeous headwear.

The February 2016 meeting was a special Fun Night.  Member Same Wolf gave a presentation on skin care.  Good information to have:  the three steps are 1. cleansing the skin, 2. applying an astringent to close the pores, and 3. moisturizing.  Fun tip:  Baby Shampoo is good for cleansing - especially when removing waterproof eye makeup - it isn't harsh and it won't make you cry.

This meeting also focused on two upcoming events; the Literacy Volunteers Fox Valley Trivia Bee, and our Annual Auction on April 22nd at Mill Creek Golf Club.  

Our January 2017 meeting was designated as this year's Service Project night.  Members were asked to "Declutter for a Cause" by foraging through their closets, pantries and junk drawers for unwanted / unused items that are needed by local service organizations.  Donated items were given to Lazarus House (a homeless shelter), the Lions Club, Mutual Ground, Always Room 4 More Paws, and A Merry Band of Books.  This was a win-win, allowing our members to clear out clutter and help others without spending a dime!  

Members enjoyed December 2016's  Holiday Brunch hosted by Jo Anne Nisbett in the beautiful party room at her Carriage Oaks home.  Jill and Heather Falls served as co-hosts and a delicious meal was provided by the Board. Many members came to exchange gifts and the holiday spirit.

The November 2016 meeting is very special because three nearby Altrusa International Clubs meet together to share information, visit with District Six officers, and enjoy camaraderie.  Our Fox Valley Club hosted the event this year at Eagle Brook Country Club.  Chris DeVlieger, Governor, DeKalb/Sycamore was this year's guest speaker.  Members of the Elgin and DeKalb Sycamore club attended  the joint meeting and generously contributed PJ's and underwear for this year's Service Project donation to Mutual Ground.  

The October 2016 meeting featured Mary Hobein, a guest speaker from Women At Risk International (WAR), who spoke to us about the realities of male trafficking.  We learned that 13 is the average age of girls being brought into forced prostitution, while for boys it is considerably younger - ages 9 through 12.  Mary discussed the abuse experienced by these boys, and the many barriers they face in receiving help to escape this life.  She provided a list of warning signs for traffickers / victims of trafficking as well as organizations to contact if you suspect trafficking.  WAR partners with organizations throughout the world in reaching out and helping these victims.  During this meeting our members raised funds to purchase 5 goats (Abbie, Ellie, Wrigley, Gina and Verna) as a donation for WAR's Goat Project.  We had the opportunity to purchase jewelry and other products - made through employment opportunities created by WAR.  These were displayed at our meeting and are sold in the WAR Chest store in Naperville.  Sue Yentch, who also a WAR volunteer, assisted Mary with displaying and selling the products.

Our Annual Fall Fashion Show was held on October 22nd.  This year's theme was Put Your Fashion Foot Forward.  Our guests enjoyed luncheon, stylish fashions from Chico's, and vying for beautiful gift baskets, bank raffles and silent auction items.  The funds raised will be distributed in the Spring to various Fox Valley charities focusing on literacy improvement and women' and children's issues.  More information and photos can be seen on this Website at the Club News - Annual Fashion Show section.  

The "official" Make a Difference Day 2016 was scheduled on October 22nd - the same day as our Fashion Show.  This year's club project is collecting new women's pajamas and underwear for Mutual Ground.  We will present these garments to Mutual Ground on Tuesday, November 22nd.

September 2016 Kelly Perez of the American Cancer Society spoke to our group about the many services this organization provides to individuals and their families who are facing a cancer diagnosis.  Whether it's a need for more information, day-to-day help or emotional support, a wide range of programs are available.  She discussed services such as providing transportation to and from cancer treatments as well as cosmetic and wig resources to help patients overcome the appearance related effects of their treatment.   

August 2016: this meeting includes planning for one of our major annual fundraising events - the Fashion Show.  This year's theme is Put Your Fashion Foot Forward and will be held on Saturday, October 22, at 11am at Eagle Brook Country Club in Geneva.  A feature of the Fashion Show is the basket raffle.  Altrusan Bonni Ellis arranged for us to meet at the St. Charles Public Library where we could spread out and have fun wrapping the baskets for the raffle.  For dinner we ordered pizza and enjoyed cheese and crackers, salad, fruit, beverages and desserts provided by the Board.


New member Vanessa Quillinan is initiated by Membership Chair Elaine Wolf and President Angela Cliff at the May Business Meeting.
Heather Falls receives the 2017 Altrusan of the Year Award from President Angela Cliff
Deb Boedeker spoke eloquently at the March 2017 meeting about her own journey and her work to help others escape alcohol addiction.
Trivia Bee 2017 Elaine is looking FABULOUS with those Bees in her Bonnet
February Fun Night: members received a small sampler of skin care products
January's "Declutter for a Cause" Service Night provided much needed supplies for a number of our local organizations.
Members enjoy brunch and our traditional "The Night Before Christmas" grab bag at this year's holiday brunch.
District Six Governor Chris DeVlieger spoke to our three clubs at the November 2016 joint meeting.
WAR Int'l volunteer Mary Hobein spoke at the October 2016 meeting about the harsh realities of male trafficking. Sue Yentch, another volunteer, spoke briefly and assisted with product sales.
Board of Directors 2016-2017: Elaine Wolf, Judi Urban, Judy Reuter, Jan Roman, Cathy Rady, Heather Falls and President, Angela Cliff. (not pictured: Linda Thome)
At the June meeting we reviewed a Draft copy of the 2016-2017 Club Calendar
Heather Thomas spoke at the April meeting about the impact of receiving the 2015/2016 Altrusa Scholarship


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