Mutual Ground

Our 2017 / 2018 support for Mutual Ground came in the form of twenty-five Walmart gift cards, each in the amount of $10.00.  Given the many needs of the organization and the clients that it serves, we felt that this contribution would allow the organization to either purchase needed items or to give the cards directly to clients for their needs. 

In 2015 / 2016 Pat Frieders, the service committee chair, contacted Mutual Ground to ask how we could best support them.  She learned that the organization was in desperate need of new sheets, pillowcases and bedding supplies due to the fact that these items need to be laundered daily.  Pat did some research and decided that the best and most cost-effective purchase would be Bed-in-a-Bag bedding sets.  At our August meeting the membership approved the purchase of 10 sets.  In addition to that, a number of members volunteered to contribute additional bedding.  On September 8th the club presented 19 sets to Julie Judd of Mutual Ground.  

At our February 2015 meeting, members filled 24 backpacks with supplies for children at Mutual Ground.  Supplies in all sizes included pajamas, underwear, socks, hygiene items, notebooks, pencils, and other items they might need while at Mutual Ground.  These were presented to Michelle Meyer, Executive Director of Mutual Ground on March 2.

At our February 2013 meeting, we held a "Knotting Bee" and tied knots on the edges of 30 fleece blankets to benefit Mutual Ground.  Mutual Ground in Aurora provides a safety net of services for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Many of its clients are children so this year we knotted child-size blankets.  We also included a book with each blanket.  Books were provided by the St. Charles Public Library (via Altrusan Bonni Ellis) and Houghton Mifflin (via Altrusan Alice Hawkins).

Cathy Rady organized our craft night so that all members attending could work together on one of our major service projects.  Cathy and other Altrusans including Jill Falls, Heather Falls, Denise Claessens, and Judi Urban prepared the blankets ahead of the meeting.

A group of Altrusans then met at Mutual Ground to present the blankets.

Altrusa members Elaine and Doris presenting Kathy Melone with our 2017 MADD donation: a "Giving Hands Tree" presentation of 25 Walmart gift cards for Mutual Ground and their clients
September 8th, 2015 - Doris Czarobski, Pat Frieders and Elaine Wolf present 19 bed-in-a-bag sheet and comforter sets to Mutual Ground
Elaine Wolf describes our relationship with the United Nations while members knot blankets.
Cathy Rady organized the "Knotting Bee" and displays the finished product.
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